5709 Nile Street, Agate Bay Area

Carnelian Bay, CA 96140

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Renter comments.� 5709 Nile Street, Agate Bay Area, Carnelian Bay, CA 96410�

Wonderful White Christmas in our favorite cabin.� Always fun, always welcome and full Christmas dinner.�� 2 new skiers this year ��now addicted.� This was our 4th�Christmas here.� Thanks.

������������������������������O�Reileys & McCarthys�

New Year�s Eve.� Fantastic vacation cabin.� Our second time here.� We had a great time.� It snowed like crazy!!� The last 2 nights we had over 2 feet of snow.� Se shoveled our �butts� off.� Great days for skiing and snowboarding.� Happy New Year.�

������������������������������Mona & Derek A.� & Mike & Judy A.�

Another year, another great time. Mayalani is turning four.� Celebrating her birthday here is perfect.� Sad to leave but looking forward to next year.�

����������������������������� Mike, Michelle, Vashiva, Mayalani & Allyce L.�

Enjoying our lucky 13th�year at �The Cabin.�� With the best snow yet.� We always look forward to the trip and hope to be back soon.�

������������������������������Steve & Janice B.�

A perfect escape from city life.� Hope to see this cozy house again � soon.�

������������������������������Stephanie T. ��San Francisco�

Beautiful place.� Had a fabulous time.� Joy & Jerry S.�

What a great way to relieve stress.� We enjoyed the beautiful �cabin.�� Steve L.�

This house has a wonderful warmth about it.� It feels like it has had many happy people and moments in each room � especially upstairs.�

������������������������������Jail G.�

We have had many visits to the Lake Tahoe over the years but nothing compared to our stay at your place.� Truly our most enjoyable time at Lake Tahoe.�

������������������������������Ben & Phyllis A & Ken & Linda S.�

The house is fabulous!!!� We had a marvelous three days.� Our only wish is that it could have been longer.�����������������

������������������������������Judy & Bruce B.�

Never have I felt so immediately and completely at home ��except at home.� And, I didn�t get a single PTA call.������� Patty�

We�ve had a great week at Tahoe and really enjoyed your home.� Had the kids and grandkids here at various times during the week.��

���������������� ��������������Wally & Barb G.�

We had such a good time.� We had perfect weather, so the kids were able to go Para Sailing and Boating.� The �family time��was much needed and much enjoyed.� We didn�t even mind housework while we were here.� I�ve never smiled so much while doing the dishes!!!� As I look out the window at the lake with the sun glistening on it.� I find it very hard to leave.� It�s so peaceful and is our absolute favorite place to be.� We have wonderful memories.�

������������������������������Tracy, Jack, Nick & Carly T.�

We had a wonderful weekend in Tahoe.� It was so beautiful and relaxing.� The perfect get away vacation (that ended too soon!)� We enjoyed dinner in front of the fire and breakfast out on the patio.� There aren�t enough adjectives to describe it.�

������������������������������Darrell, Frances & Steve S.�

I can tell you that it doesn�t get any better than this ��especially when it�s 106 in the valley.� Once again we had perfect weather.� 80 � 85 degrees.� And, we love the new rugs.� I truly believe our family enjoys this house more than anyone who vacations here.� It feels like home.� It is so comfortable, making it hard to leave.� But, we�ll be back.�

������������������������������Tracy, Jack, Cathy & Nick T.�

Outside looks like and extravagant moving picture postcard.� Even when out in it, the snow seems warm and forgiving.� The atmosphere inside this house is one of instant welcome and a feeling of coming home.� I can only imagine the auras of past happy visitors that have been soaked up and become part of this gracious home.�

������������������������������Lanny H.�

It was great to spend our 13th�wedding anniversary here.� It must be� this marvelous home since we honeymooned here.�

������������������������������Chris & Dan M.�